99% Uptime SLA

Satserver values straightforwardness and simplicity in our commitment to keeping promises. As a result, we aim to avoid using complicated legal language and instead focus on clear and basic terms.

At Satserver, we guarantee a network uptime of no less than 99% per month. If there are any outages that surpass 1% of the month, we will provide customers with a credit of one day for every 15 minutes of downtime.

Our commitment to providing uninterrupted power throughout the entire month is assured. This assurance is supported by the presence of UPS power systems and multiple megawatt generators. In the event of any outages exceeding 0%, we will credit one day for every 15 minutes of power loss.

Hardware replacement:

Our utmost endeavor will be to swiftly replace the hardware, with a guaranteed completion time of within four hours from the moment the failure is confirmed. In cases where the original hardware cannot be replaced, we will promptly assemble and allocate a secondary system within twenty-four (24) hours, until the necessary replacement parts can be delivered. Please be aware that this guarantee does not cover any data loss caused by hardware failure, and we strongly recommend clients to maintain off-site backups.


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