Dedicated Bare Metal Epyc Server

The decision to opt for AMD Epyc was based on its established track record of reliability and stability in meeting server demands. The utilization of epyc in conjunction with NVMe gen4 guarantees exceptional performance.

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Available location Los Angeles, New York, Utah

64 Threads

Dual EPYC 7742

256 Threads


48 Threads


448 Threads


Server Management Just $15/m

Complete Management

Whether you wish to avoid the complexities or time limitations of server management, we have a solution for you. Our server management services are competitively priced, ensuring affordability. By entrusting us with your server tasks, our capable team will handle them efficiently. Moreover, we diligently monitor your server’s status and promptly address any errors that may occur.

IPMI Access

IPMI Access

Our Epyc servers come with complimentary IPMI access, allowing you to effortlessly install the operating system and efficiently manage the server through the IPMI console. In the event of an error in your operating system, it is possible to resolve it through the IPMI console and Web UI based.

10G Port Speed

10G Port Speed

Our Epyc servers now boast an impressive 10G port speed. By providing such high-speed connections, we prioritize your satisfaction and aim to deliver exceptional performance for any tasks. Say goodbye to any worries about connection lag as we ensure seamless and efficient connections.

Premium Bandwidth

Premium Bandwidth

Our bandwidth is exclusively premium, setting us apart from other service providers. We integrate over 12 link bandwidths, ensuring a robust network infrastructure. Moreover, our bandwidth is specifically optimized to deliver exceptional connectivity to Asia.

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